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Wooded living at waldschap
Meerhoven - Eindhoven

Construction fase 1 for sale
25 houses

Waldschap nature and residents
in perfect harmony

Community Waldschap is an unique project!
Waldschap stands for living in the greenery of Eindhoven.
In this project nature and residents are in perfect harmony. Divided over 4 residential quarters, 48 sustainable owner-occupied houses will be built.

In the young district of Meerhoven on the outskirts of Eindhoven, the Waldschap project will be built near Bosrijk. Eindhoven, the city that breathes innovation and continues to develop to this day, is one of the smartest regions in the world. With a view to the future and an appreciation for the past, Eindhoven is a vibrant city bursting with creativity and design. As a neighbourhood in Meerhoven, Bosrijk is a green oasis and is characterized by the “quartering” of living, which creates variation in space and experience.

Living in Waldschap is not only unique because of the perfect harmony between nature and its inhabitants, but also because of the construction method. For example, the structural walls and floors are executed in CLT (Cross Laminated Timber). This circular construction method has many advantages over building in concrete. CLT is based on a renewable raw material from sustainably produced forests in Europe. The houses “breathe” and are healthier for people and nature. The demountable wooden facade parts and flexible layout make the houses future-proof. Comfort has also been considered. The windows are fitted with triple glazing and the house has a high-quality air heating system that also cools the house so that the temperature is always correct. The roofs of the houses with the most favourable sun location are equipped with solar panels. The other houses will have a sedum roof.
The park-like landscape extends into the 4 living quarters so that it forms a whole. The houses are completely attuned to the landscape. Virtually all the houses offer an unobstructed view so that residents actually experience day in and day out how fantastic it is to live in a ‘wooded’ environment. Through the use of bamboo cladding, the facades are given a fitting, natural look that reinforces the sustainable and environmentally friendly approach of the project.

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Everything you need
within reach

From shops to schools and from sports fields to healthcare facilities.
And what about the many transport options: highway A2, a junction for train connections and Eindhoven Airport. It can all be found in the area.
Located in the green, it is hard to imagine that you have all these facilities.
Within walking distance of Waldschap is the attractive shopping area Terminal M. Ideal for daily shopping. The strength of the shopping center lies in the complete range of shops, restaurants and specialty shops. The center is equipped with playground equipment, making it nice to stay for the children as well.


1. Shopping centre Terminal M
With several supermarkets, catering establishments, clothing stores, bakery and drugstore


2. Golf course Welschap
3. Football associationDBS
4. Sports club Meerhoven
5. Tennis club Meerhoven
6. Artisport Health & Fitness
7. Park Meerland


8. Elementary school de Startbaan
9. Elementary school ’t Slingertouw
10. Day-care Klokje rond

Traffic and travel

11. A2 highway
12. Eindhoven Airport
13. P&R Bus stop Meerhoven

Sales and information

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